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Atlantic Monthly

Steve Tibbetts

“Tibbetts’s guitar-from-beyond-the-solar-system will take you to realms hitherto glimpsed only by the Hubble space telescope and will offer several plausible explanations of dark matter.”

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Car Stereo Review, March 1995

With Sumandhi and his Father in Tunjuk

“Ever wish you could take a ride on the Space Shuttle? Here’s the alternative: Pick up Steve Tibbetts’ The Fall of Us All instead. It’ll transport you to places in the cosmos you never knew existed.”

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Pulse Magazine July 1994

Steve Tibbetts Studio

“…his music screams with the brain-melt electric guitar overdubs and pounding percussion which dominate the first half of his latest album, The Fall of Us All.”

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Downbeat, May 1994

“The Fall Of Us All ranks with his best and wildest work (alongside Yr and Exploded View), because it smoothly reconciles Tibbetts’ volatile mood swings with his developing interest in the music of Indonesia and Tibet.”

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Lawrence Journal World

“if you’ve grown weary of the Viennese confections underscoring large chunks of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001,” tune out the Strauss and plug in the Tibbetts, and ponder the monolith once again”

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The Fall of Us All

The Fall of Us All by Steve Tibbetts

“a trip of another, more explosive and enriching kind, a dynamic study of Eastern modality and universal spiritualism driven by rock & roll ambition” -Rolling Stone

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