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Atlantic Monthly

Steve Tibbetts

“Tibbetts’s guitar-from-beyond-the-solar-system will take you to realms hitherto glimpsed only by the Hubble space telescope and will offer several plausible explanations of dark matter.”

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ECM bio for “A Man About A Horse” pt. 2

1967 w/ Doug Ross and Greg Wallace

“When someone opened up a guitar case and pulled out a guitar they may as well have been pulling a sword out of a stone. The room was magnetized. This was not lost on me, the smallest and most sports-challenged kid in school.”

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Guitar World / The Sensible Sound reviews

Marcus, Marc, Jim, and Steve

“when a new CD from Steve Tibbetts unexpectedly showed up in my mailbox a few weeks ago, I literally shouted for joy, pumped my fists in the air, and ran up the driveway so that I could get it into my CD player just as quickly as possible”

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