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Chö Part 8: Mönlam, Tal, and end

Choying Drolma

Recorded in New York City at the Knitting Factory, August 1999 · Chöying Drolma, Lodro, Sherab: voice and percussion; Steve Tibbetts: guitar and samples; Marc Anderson: percussion and samples

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Å by Steve Tibbetts

Knut Hamre and Steve Tibbetts. “Once again, Tibbetts has shown that the exposure of geographically isolated traditions doesn’t have to be exploitative or blandly commercial.” -Isthmus

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Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 1998

Nuns with Triplets

“The lead singer sits at a low table on the garage-studio floor. Wrapped in a purple robe, she sings with her nearly shaved head bowed slightly, eyes closed, hands folded in her lap. Her face shows nothing but calm. Her lips barely move, and at times it’s difficult to tell whether she is singing or it’s a recording that’s being played back.”

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Philadelphia Inquirer Review

Chö by Steve Tibbetts and Chöying Drolma

“Tibbetts is a man enthralled by the sound of a single strummed chord vibrating in space, his love of the sheer physicality of music makes a perfect marriage with the disembodied songs of Tibetan nun Choying Drolma on Chö”

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