Exploded View–Car Stereo Review 3/95

With Sumandhi and his Father in Tunjuk

“Ever wish you could take a ride on the Space Shuttle? Here’s the alternative: Pick up Steve Tibbetts’ The Fall of Us All instead. It’ll transport you to places in the cosmos you never knew existed.”

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The Fall of Us All–Downbeat

“The Fall Of Us All ranks with his best and wildest work (alongside Yr and Exploded View), because it smoothly reconciles Tibbetts’ volatile mood swings with his developing interest in the music of Indonesia and Tibet.”

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The Fall of Us All–Guitar Player, 7/94

Dog Approaching, Bali '89

“Veering from ambient dream­scapes to violent, post-industrial rave-ups, from spellbinding acoustic fretwork to apocalyptic electric fret burn, Tibbetts’ first album in five years is an emotional and sonic tour-de-force.”

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Exploded View–Guitar Player, 3/87

Exploded View by Steve Tibbetts

“weaves through two sides, running the emotional gamut from serene to violent, always intense. This is truly unclassifiable, but then, it’s not searching for a compartment.”

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Vision. Steve Tibbetts

1985 · Bob Hughes: bass; Marc Anderson: percussion; Steve Tibbetts: guitar and kalimba

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Safe Journey–Downbeat

Safe Journey by Steve Tibbetts

“there is a sobering purity about Tibbetts’ alien mix that shakes you up in some wondrous ways.” -David Fricke, Musician Magazine

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