The Fall of Us All–Downbeat

“The Fall Of Us All ranks with his best and wildest work (alongside Yr and Exploded View), because it smoothly reconciles Tibbetts’ volatile mood swings with his developing interest in the music of Indonesia and Tibet.”

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Yr–Rolling Stone, 6/88

Steve Tibbetts - photo by Martin Daniels.

“Yr… a trancelike otherworldly quality that is nevertheless rooted in the rock & roll here and now, thanks to periodic wake-up blasts of frenzied Frippaphonic soloing.”

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Exploded View–Downbeat, 6/87

Steve Tibbetts, Marc Anderson, Bob Hughes, 1985

“Steve Tibbetts seems intent on producing music that doesn’t have a name.  It ain’t Third Stream, though he mixes lots of acoustic guitar and wordless vocals a la Steve Reich in his typically lengthy structures.  It ain’t New Age, because it’s got balls and ideas. “

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Exploded View–Guitar Player, 3/87

Exploded View by Steve Tibbetts

“weaves through two sides, running the emotional gamut from serene to violent, always intense. This is truly unclassifiable, but then, it’s not searching for a compartment.”

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