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Press page for “Life Of”

Steve Tibbetts, guitar, turkeys

  Some Bio Big Influences Dave Ray was a big influence, not because of his storied career in music, but because he kept the rent on my studio low. Dave Ray was my landlord. He died in 2002. A street close to my studio has been renamed Dave Ray Avenue. By keeping my rent low…

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Chö Part 8: Mönlam, Tal, and end

Choying Drolma

Recorded in New York City at the Knitting Factory, August 1999 · Chöying Drolma, Lodro, Sherab: voice and percussion; Steve Tibbetts: guitar and samples; Marc Anderson: percussion and samples

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Å by Steve Tibbetts

Knut Hamre and Steve Tibbetts. “Once again, Tibbetts has shown that the exposure of geographically isolated traditions doesn’t have to be exploitative or blandly commercial.” -Isthmus

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Chö by Steve Tibbetts and Chöying Drolma

Chöying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts. “a beautiful pastiche of celestial songs that evokes a tenderness, optimism and appetite for life that cuts through in any language.” -St. Paul Pioneer Press

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The Fall of Us All

The Fall of Us All by Steve Tibbetts

“a trip of another, more explosive and enriching kind, a dynamic study of Eastern modality and universal spiritualism driven by rock & roll ambition” -Rolling Stone

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