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I curated a playlist for ECM as part of their venture into the world of streaming (an article from Pitchfork is here). My annotations for the playlist are below, and a more concise version is on  ECM’s website here.  The playlist is now up at Tidal  and Spotify. I curated selections from (mostly) the first 200 releases…

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Guitar World / The Sensible Sound reviews

Marcus, Marc, Jim, and Steve

“when a new CD from Steve Tibbetts unexpectedly showed up in my mailbox a few weeks ago, I literally shouted for joy, pumped my fists in the air, and ran up the driveway so that I could get it into my CD player just as quickly as possible”

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The Fall of Us All

The Fall of Us All by Steve Tibbetts

“a trip of another, more explosive and enriching kind, a dynamic study of Eastern modality and universal spiritualism driven by rock & roll ambition” -Rolling Stone

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Guitar Player, July 1994

Dog Approaching, Bali '89

“Veering from ambient dream­scapes to violent, post-industrial rave-ups, from spellbinding acoustic fretwork to apocalyptic electric fret burn, Tibbetts’ first album in five years is an emotional and sonic tour-de-force.”

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Downbeat, February 1990

“we hear original sounds produced from the elements of World Music, intelligent sounds that caress the ear and stir the imagination”

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Big Map

Big Map by Steve Tibbetts

“Tibbetts’ bold single-string passages pilot twists and turns above slapped and strummed acoustic rhythms, and his quirky detunings and oddball figures provide a cinematic, edge-of-the-seat experience.” -Guitar Player

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