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Life Of

Life Of by Steve Tibbetts

“The effect is a seductive impressionism of fluid melodic figures and rippling arpeggios with a quietly firm, emotional undertow.” -Rolling Stone

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Press page for “Life Of”

Steve Tibbetts, guitar, turkeys

  Some Bio Big Influences Dave Ray was a big influence, not because of his storied career in music, but because he kept the rent on my studio low. Dave Ray was my landlord. He died in 2002. A street close to my studio has been renamed Dave Ray Avenue. By keeping my rent low…

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Sopa Chöling

Family email sent from Halifax, Nova Scotia, November 2016 Hi everyone:  I’m writing this from the bar at the Alt Hotel in Halifax. Tomorrow I’ll head back to Minnesota.  The next day is election day; good luck to our side.  I’ll drive down to Madison on the 13th of December. I flew into Halifax about two…

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Selective Midwestern College

Selective Midwestern College So welcome to SMC, Selective Midwestern College.  I’m your student ambassador.  I want to welcome you again.  I will talk and walk backwards, even over curbs.  So who are you and what are your interests?  Good.  Any questions yet?  So, first, is the residence hall.  This dormitory is substance free, the other…

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Organized Some Trips to Tibet

In 2009 a group of us met in Shanghai and took a train to Lhasa.  In western Tibet we traveled to Guge, circumambulated Kailash, and walked to Everest Base Camp (the real Everest Base Camp where expeditions start from is called “ABC”–“Advance Base Camp.) In 2011 some of us re-convened and explored the retreat caves and…

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Handing out Diplomas in Nepal

Family email from India and Nepal, 2010 It’s time to wind this little story up. I moved from the Döndrub hotel up to my friends’ place on Mahankal road. Sukhi and Peter live in Germany for most of the year and kindly offered me the use of their flat. Marc and I stayed there in…

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My sister had ovarian cancer. I gave her a stem-cell transplant and sent my family daily emails during our time at MD Anderson Medical Center. (Prologue: Photo 04–from the apheresis series, at the end). Joe says, “Place your attention elsewhere,” while he jams a large-bore catheter in my right arm. Can you see in the…

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Brain Scan

This is the family email I sent after having my head examined. Hi everyone: I’m in Madison for the brain scan.  On the way into town I stopped to get some groceries. The woman taking my credit-card looked at it and said, slowly, “Steve Tibbetts. From Memorial High?” I said, “Yes!  Who are you?”  She told…

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I curated a playlist for ECM as part of their venture into the world of streaming (an article from Pitchfork is here). My annotations for the playlist are below, and a more concise version is on  ECM’s website here.  The playlist is now up at Tidal  and Spotify. I curated selections from (mostly) the first 200 releases…

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