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Atlantic Monthly

Steve Tibbetts

“Tibbetts’s guitar-from-beyond-the-solar-system will take you to realms hitherto glimpsed only by the Hubble space telescope and will offer several plausible explanations of dark matter.”

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A Man About a Horse

A Man About a Horse, album cover

“Tibbetts also loves to rock: He recorded much of the searing guitar on “A Man About A Horse” in a single night, over frenetic Balinese drum samples colored and doubled by percussionists Marc Anderson and Marcus Wise.” -Rolling Stone

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USA Today

“The guitarist’s extraterrestrial groove music is a supersonic kick.  He melds spacey jazz, rock and world beat into a gripping soundscape that fluctuates from primal rage and caustic guitars on the industrial sizzlers to ambient ear massages on acoustic interludes… The Fall never falls short of exhilarating.”

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Philadelpia Inquirer

The Fall of Us All by Steve Tibbetts

“he adds droning guitar textures that shift in slow-motion to create gripping, ever-changing polychords. And atop those come his solos, which fracture every guitar cliche”

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