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Atlantic Monthly

Steve Tibbetts

“Tibbetts’s guitar-from-beyond-the-solar-system will take you to realms hitherto glimpsed only by the Hubble space telescope and will offer several plausible explanations of dark matter.”

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Rolling Stone, June 1988

Steve Tibbetts - photo by Martin Daniels.

“Yr… a trancelike otherworldly quality that is nevertheless rooted in the rock & roll here and now, thanks to periodic wake-up blasts of frenzied Frippaphonic soloing.”

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The New Rolling Stone Record Guide

“the album is a startling combination of electric guitar, tabla, acoustic guitar, kalimba and a little synthesizer.  Tibbetts weaves from heavy rock to several kalimbas playing a duet and it never falters.”

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Yr by Steve Tibbetts

“His solos are twisting, singing journeys that evolve with the sense of spiritual awakening you’d hear in a Coltrane soprano run.” -Downbeat

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