Northern Song–Twin Cities Reader, 4/15/1982

Paul Fishman Maccabee attended Macalester College when I did.  He lived down the hall from me on the third floor of Dupre Hall.  Paul occasionally worked as a magician at kids' parties.  My memory of him at that time was of a guy wearing a top hat and magician's cape hurrying down the hall, late to some gig.  After college he did some writing for the Twin Cities Reader.

I was not crazy about my first recording for ECM when it came out.  Some aspects of the recording hadn't exactly gone the way I wanted them to.  I avoided talking to local media and turned down a few requests for interviews.  Paul, however, found me where I worked in 1982, at the Wax Museum record store.  Since he'd made the effort to get out and come to the store, I thought I owed him some time.  I took a break from the record store, we walked across the street to the New Riverside Cafe, and we talked for about an hour.


Review of Steve Tibbetts in Twin Cities Reader

Twin Cities Reader, April 1982