Å–Xpress Magazine Review

Last time, he was jamming with Tibetan nuns.  This time around he’s fiddling around with Norwegians, literally!

On Å, Minneapolis six-string warper Steve Tibbetts continues his recent trend of merging stylish guitar sounds with other cultures In a manner that makes the efforts of guys like Jesse Cook pale in comparison.  Norwegian fiddlers Knut Hamre and Turid Spildo (actually, they play the hardingfele) combine with Tibbetts and longtime percussionist Marc Anderson to create a beautiful, soothing and utterly unique sound.

This album feels lonesome.  Admittedly, the sounds don’t alter much over the 53 minutes–save for Anderson’s charming array of percussive counterpoints–but fans of relaxing albums like Eno’s Apollo will find much to enjoy.

Joe Reilly