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steve 1972A Steve Tibbetts music compilation / best-of/ remasters went out to radio and other media types in late 2010.  It’s a 3-CD best-of split into acoustic, electric, and “other” music (Acoustibbetts, Elektrobitts, Exotibbetts).  If you can think of anyone in your area who should get it (sympathetic media types, cool record stores, good music programs either online or on-air) let us know.  Send a letter or postcard with information to and you’ll get a little gift in return.  Include your mailing address.

From time-to-time copies become available for sale from the Electric Fetus record store.

A review is here (scroll past Lady Gaga, down to item #4). (RIP, Charles M. Young. A great man, a great writer.)

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Occasionally we shut down the order pages because of travel or other obligations.  At that time it’s best to look for the CDs you want at Amazon, by way of the iTunes links on most of the album pages, through some other online retailer, or, best of all, from one of the great independent record stores still standing: here or here.  Spend a lazy Saturday afternoon at a record store.  I worked at a record store in Minneapolis from 1980-1987 and it was one of the best times in my life.