recordings by steve tibbetts

Hellbound Train Steve Tibbetts

Hellbound Train: An Anthology

“Tibbetts has been an ECM artist [since 1982], pursuing a movable crossroads of modal psychedelia, dreamscape electronics and ceremonial rhythms across the eight albums anthologised in this set. If you are new to Tibbetts, Hellbound Train is an exciting introduction – with an epic journey on the other side of the door.” -David Fricke, MOJO

Life Of by Steve Tibbetts

Life Of

“The effect is a seductive impressionism of fluid melodic figures and rippling arpeggios with a quietly firm, emotional undertow.” -Rolling Stone

Natural Causes by Steve Tibbetts

Natural Causes

“…it’s Tibbetts’ resonant 12-string—imbued in phrasing and serpentine linearity by the guitarist’s longstanding Far East interests in general, and the work, here, of Sultan Khan in particular—that’s Natural Causes’ defining voice.” -The Guardian

Chöying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts: Selwa


Chöying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts. “…a heartbreakingly stunning record… If two worlds have ever met without cliché, Selwa is the language they will speak.”

A Man About a Horse, album cover

A Man About a Horse

“Tibbetts also loves to rock: He recorded much of the searing guitar on “A Man About A Horse” in a single night, over frenetic Balinese drum samples colored and doubled by percussionists Marc Anderson and Marcus Wise.” -Rolling Stone

Å by Steve Tibbetts


Knut Hamre and Steve Tibbetts. “Once again, Tibbetts has shown that the exposure of geographically isolated traditions doesn’t have to be exploitative or blandly commercial.” -Isthmus

Chö by Steve Tibbetts and Chöying Drolma


Chöying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts. “a beautiful pastiche of celestial songs that evokes a tenderness, optimism and appetite for life that cuts through in any language.” -St. Paul Pioneer Press

The Fall of Us All by Steve Tibbetts

The Fall of Us All–RollingStone

“a trip of another, more explosive and enriching kind, a dynamic study of Eastern modality and universal spiritualism driven by rock & roll ambition” -Rolling Stone

Big Map by Steve Tibbetts

Big Map–Guitar Player Review

“Tibbetts’ bold single-string passages pilot twists and turns above slapped and strummed acoustic rhythms, and his quirky detunings and oddball figures provide a cinematic, edge-of-the-seat experience.” -Guitar Player

Exploded View by Steve Tibbetts

Exploded View

“Marc Anderson’s forceful percussion has an animated, almost conversational quality, and Tibbetts’ striking fret work runs the gamut from meditative solo passages to heartstopping blasts of rainbow feedback” -Rolling Stone

Safe Journey by Steve Tibbetts

Safe Journey–Downbeat

“there is a sobering purity about Tibbetts’ alien mix that shakes you up in some wondrous ways.” -David Fricke, Musician Magazine

Northern Song by Steve Tibbetts, Marc Anderson

Northern Song

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard an album so given over to silence. In a sense, this album is an acknowledgment of the ultimate power of silence over music” -Stereo Review

Yr by Steve Tibbetts


“His solos are twisting, singing journeys that evolve with the sense of spiritual awakening you’d hear in a Coltrane soprano run.” -Downbeat

Album #1 by Steve Tibbetts

Album #1

“A deluge of cryptic beauty.” -I/E

Steve Tibbetts Compilation: Acoustibbetts / Elektrobitts / Exotibbetts

Compilation–Acoustibbetts / Elektrobitts / Exotibbetts

This three-CD compilation has over three hours of remastered music culled from 11 records and is meant as an introduction to Tibbett’s far-reaching imagination and to whet the appetite for his back catalog and future endeavors.