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Natural Causes

“…this is the sound of music contemplating itself.” Jazz Times


“…a heartbreakingly stunning record… If two worlds have ever met without cliché, Selwa is the language they will speak.”

A Man About A Horse

“Pure audio ecstasy.” Audiophile January 2003 Disc of the Month

“Brilliant, individual musicmaking.” BBC


It is rare that one finds a recording like no other: music with such a unique texture and sensibility that it offers a new landscape for the mind. This is music deeply rooted in a place, even if that place is ephemeral. Remarkable. All Music Guide

Like fishermen slowly freezing to death. Straits Times, Singapore 6/99

Like fiddler Vassar Clements playing an Indian raga after his dog has died.


At times, hearing the group chant together is like being present at the creation of something fragile and miraculous. The Philadelphia Inquirer

If any one album deserves to be seen as the world music discovery of the year, it is this haunting collection of tranquil, meditative chants from the Buddhist monasteries of Tibet. Essex Newspapers

The Fall of Us All

(4 1/2 stars) ...his best and wildest work ... the clearest, most concentrated version of his ideas to date. Downbeat

(4 stars) Rolling Stone

(4 stars) ...his solos fracture every guitar cliche. The Philadelphia Inquirer

Veering from ambient dreamscapes to violent, post-industrial rave-ups, from spellbinding acoustic webwork to apocalyptic electric fretburn, this album is an emotional and sonic tour-de-force. It's hard to imagine a more cliche-free player. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Guitar Player

Big Map

(4 1/2 stars) This is dream music. -Downbeat

Exploded View

(Five stars) Steve Tibbetts seems intent on producing music that doesn't have a name. Downbeat

... his broken-glass approach to electric is utterly incendiary. Musician

Safe Journey

... a kind of ambient Electric Ladyland--it liquefies the expressionist pastels of post-Eno art rock with crystalline Oregon-like folk impressions and startling streaks of heavy acid wail. Musician

Record of the Month April 1984  Stereoplay (Germany)

Northern Song

Those who can allow themselves to be transported in the few moments a struck chord endures against the power of silence should find it captivating. Stereo Review


... a masterpiece of brilliant guitar orchestration and multi-track sorcery-- acoustic ragas spiked by Hendrixian banshee screams, overdubbed choral riffing erected into high cathedral spires. Rolling Stone

Album #l

A deluge of cryptic beauty. I/E