Failures and Anomalies

This is music that didn't make the cut, was lost by the wayside, disappeared and resurfaced, or fell out of, then back into favor.

One Day (first version)

This was the first version of “One Day” that was on side one of “Yr.”

In June of 1974 I hitched from St. Paul to Missoula Montana to meet Doug Ross, the drummer in my high school band. We traveled from Montana to California, down the west coast, and across to Austin, Texas where we stayed in a house in Buda (just south of Austin) with Doug’s friends from The Lost Highway Band.  One of the players in the band was a phenomenal fiddle player named Chojo Jacques.  We went out to see the the Lost Highway Band every night, most frequently at a dumpy bar called the Different Drummer. I’d broken my arm that spring playing frisbee and couldn’t play guitar. It was frustrating not to be able to jam with players the caliber of Chojo and Price Quenin.  In 1979 or thereabouts Chojo played in St. Paul with the band, and I asked him to come over and record some fiddle on “One Day.” His playing was great, amazing actually, but the overall feeling didn’t square with the rest of side one of “Yr” so I re-recorded the tune sans fiddle.

RIP Doug.

Recorded in Minneapolis
Steve Tibbetts: guitar and mandolin
Chojo Jacques: fiddle
Marc Anderson: percussion
Bob Hughes: bass