Chö by Chöying Drolma and Steve TibbettsChöying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts

“Over the past few years, the music of Tibetan monks has gained a massive audience, with Western listeners finding refuge from the rat race in the chants and songs of the East. Those same medicinal properties are at the core of this breathtaking collaboration between veteran Minneapolis guitar wizard Steve Tibbetts and Chöying Drolma, a Buddhist nun whom Tibbetts met and recorded at a small monastery in Nepal. When Tibbetts returned home with the tape of Drolma’s supernatural vocals he added some instruments to the songs and sent the tape back to the nunnery as a gift, and to Rykodisc and Hannibal Records, who decided to release it. The result is “Chö” (English translation: “cutting”), a beautiful pastiche of celestial songs that evokes a tenderness, optimism and appetite for life that cuts through in any language. Tibbetts’ understated instrumentation nicely complement the nuns’ disciplined chants, to the point where it sounds as if they’ve been collaborating forever.” -St. Paul Pioneer Press

Rykodisc’s Press release for “Chö”


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